board updates

Thank You to Paul Leonhard and Jim Kvach

March 2020 is a significant month for Boxerwood in that it brings to a close the incredible service and dedication of two long-serving Board members.  Paul Leonhard has been with Boxerwood Education Association almost since its inception, serving on the board from 2002-2010 before taking a year break, and then stepping up again to become Board President from 2011-2020.  We will miss his calm, thoughtful leadership and delightful sense of humor as he has worked over the years to keep everyone rowing in the same direction.  Jim Kvach, a fearless Boxerwood warrior as well as one of its staunchest supporters, has served on the Board and as member or chair of the Gardens and Facilities committee from 2011-2020.  We are immensely grateful for the years of service both Jim and Paul have provided.  We are grateful that they intend to stay on as part of our volunteer base in a variety of capacities.  After all, once part of the Boxerwood family, always part of the family! 

Special message

Although we are moving into a period of organizational semi-dormancy, we dedicate ourselves to keeping the garden open as long as we can. We are here for you.

At this time, can you also be here for us? For those who are able, we humbly ask for your ongoing financial support.

In the meantime, we invite you to explore Spring at Boxerwood.