Catrien van Assendelft

Executive Director

“My heart is awed within me when I think of the great miracle that still goes on…” Forest Hymn by William Cullen Bryant

Elise Sheffield

Director of Education

“Boxerwood invites us to root deep and branch wide, becoming the kind of people who delight in caring for the earth, our home.”

Jess Sullivan

Early Education Coordinator

“Boxerwood is a unique gem that links people of all ages to the natural world. It is a place of community, exploration, compassion, and beauty.

Laurie Macrae

Development Coordinator

“Boxerwood invites all to learn and listen, be nurtured and nourished, and to embrace the ever evolving spiral of life through the cycles of nature.

Ben Eland

Garden and Facilities Manager

“For me, Boxerwood is a refuge, and place for people to connect with the natural world and with each other.”

Hannah West

Program Educator

“Boxerwood continues to renew and nurture me. It is a joy to share my refuge with our community.”

Natalie Oleksyshyn

Office Manager

“Boxerwood is like a whole world fit into a small place. It is sweet and magical. It’s where you take deeper, slower breaths.”

Scott Mason

Grounds and Facilities Assistant