Chesapeake Bay Trip

How do we affect the Chesapeake Bay? This is the question posed to all seventh graders from our three local middle schools: Parry McCluer MS, Maury River MS, Lylburn Downing MS.

At the beginning of each school year, a Boxerwood educator meets with prospective Bay Club members to talk about this big question. We discuss what they can do to make positive change here in the headwaters at home.

Selected students then participate in a three-day, two-night immersion experience at a Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) resident island center. While there, they see first hand the human impacts made to the Bay. They seine for life in bay grasses, set crab pots—and if lucky get to eat their catch—canoe, interview locals, conduct habitat assessments, conserve water by taking bay dock “showers,” and make communal meals, all while soaking in the knowledge from our partners—professional CBF educators.

Back at school, all students who participate in this field experience then pay it forward.