garden highlights

We have many unique specimens of flora and fauna in our garden. Look below to see the highlights. Or take this with you on your visit and try to spot them all!


Witchhazel Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Jelena’

Witchhazels are great harbingers of spring, blooming in February and marhc. ‘Jelena’ is no exception. She stands out from the crowd with her glowing coppery-colored flowers.

Sycamore, Platanus occidentalis

Several of these large imposing mature trees with their beautiful light-colored exfoliating bark grace Boxerwood’s grounds.

Sweetgum, Liquidamber styraciflua ‘Corky’

The branches on this large Sweetgum are winged, hence the name ‘Corky’.

Persian Ironwood, Parrotia persica

This stunning specimen with its beautiful exfoliating bark is one of Boxerwood’s most beautiful trees. A member of the witchhazel family, the tree blooms in March before the leaves emerge and is a boon to the early pollinators.

Oriental Spruce, Picea orientalis

This striking spruce makes a tall green column along one of the major paths at Boxerwood.

Needle or Temple Juniper, Juniperus rigida ‘Pendula’

This conifer has earned the nickname “Shaggy Dog’ for its distinctive weepy habit reminiscent of an Afghan dog.

Japanese Hornbeam, Carpinus japonica

Another one of Boxerwood’s notable tree, the fan-like structure of this 30’ hornbean is very distinctive.

Himalayan Pine, Pinus wallichiana ‘Zebrina’

This large beautiful specimen pine has long yellow-striped needles.

Great Oak, Quercus shumardii

The Great Oak stands at the center of Boxerwood and is thought to be about 250 years old. Many school children have studied under its branches.

Fringetree, Chionanathus virginicus

This Virginia native has beautiful soft-textured panicles in May that turn into grape-like fruits, loved by the birds, in late summer, early fall.

China Fir, Cunninghamia lanceolata

The needles on this tall Asian conifer are extremely prickly. It is highly prized in China for its wood.

Cornelian Cherry, Cornus mas

Not your everyday dogwood (and it is a dogwood, not a cherry), this shrubby tree bears loads of astringent olive-sized fruit in the late summer. It is one of our earliest bloomers with dainty yellow flowers.

Camperdown Elm, Ulmus glabra

An unusual very small elm with a broad-spreading canopy, this tree looks especially spectacular in the winter months.

Japanese Maple, Acer palmatum spp.

Boxerwood abounds in Japanese Maples of which there are over 120 different cultivars

Atlantic Cedar, Cedrus atlantica

This majestic tree’s needles are a bluish –green in color, a nice contrast to the darker greens of the trees and shrubs surrounding it.







Red-breasted Nuthatch

Carolina Chickadee


Tufted Titmouse

White breasted Nuthatch

Ruby-crowned Kinglet


Fender Bender, by Larry Mann, placed in 1978.


The Big Chair, by Jay Sullivan

Fairy House, by Jay Sullivan, for the opening of the Boxerwood Fairy Forest, 2016

Running Woman, by Jay Sullivan

Unknown, Commissioned in 1982, Joe Blouin, sculptor. Materials: cor-ten steel and aluminum.