Preschool Programs are offered at Boxerwood spring and fall and in their own schools in the winter.
Children who experience being in nature from the earliest years develop lifelong connections with the natural world. As they explore and play in the wild, children deepen their sensory awareness, exercise their bodies, follow their curiosity, stretch their imaginations, and learn to walk the Earth with care and confidence. Our approach is to combine self-directed play experiences with a program of guided activities that foster learning and discovery. In addition, we strive to help the adults in their lives rediscover the joy and wonder of being in nature through—and with—their children.

The Preschool Programs are the first step in outdoor education through Boxerwood. Our programs are based on the Virginia’s Foundation Blocks for Early Learning.

Our eternal gratitude goes to the Dale Waller Foundation whose generosity funded the development of the Preschool Programs for 10 years.