The Eye

From the outside, it looks like another one of those mysterious Boxerwood brambly places: dark, tangly, inscrutable. But observing the Eye from the outside is not how to see it. The Eye is best apprehended from above, or from within.

The Frog Princes

So, we say to the 3rd grader: what can we do to help the frogs? Usually we work in small teams to plant grass on the eroded hill.  But sometimes—as in this story—we become engineers: we build stick palisades in the stream gullies.

How Boxerwood Got Its Name

Dear friend, whether you are eighty or eight, or somewhere in between, we’re going to tell you how Boxerwood came to be. And we’re going to tell you in the way we tell 3rd graders, pitched as they are between wonder and capability.

Recycling City: bringing forth a more just and honorable society

What is Boxerwood’s role in bringing forth a more just and honorable society? Our role is small, yet valuable. We use environmental learning as a way to create conditions where all local children–whatever their family income, race, background, or ability–have an opportunity to rise and flourish: to feel their innate capacity to become the kind of people the world needs. Right here and right now.

A School Year Reckoning: Good News

Although Boxerwood’s school outreach ended earlier than we anticipated, there’s still plenty to crow about. It was a fine year for Project NEST (Nurturing Environmental Stewardship Together). Within six busy months.

nest fest

Boxerwood is proud of its newest innovative program. This month, our educators brought together over 60 students from sixth to eighth grade, in the first ever NEST FEST 2020.