Recycling City: bringing forth a more just and honorable society

What is Boxerwood’s role in bringing forth a more just and honorable society? Our role is small, yet valuable. We use environmental learning as a way to create conditions where all local children–whatever their family income, race, background, or ability–have an opportunity to rise and flourish: to feel their innate capacity to become the kind of people the world needs. Right here and right now.

Still Stirring the Pot

We may not have been out in the field this spring, but thanks to your support, Boxerwood leadership is alive and well.

Music in the Garden 2020

These Friday evening events are known for their family friendly, care-free feel. It is a highlight for us to see children frolic through the garden while families gather to enjoy each other and our community’s talented musicians.

Mohawk: Our Friend in Glasgow

Mohawk has been helping Boxerwood advance its earth care mission for several years now. The help ranges from the material (kits, trees, banners, t-shirts), to the programmatic.

Summer Camp Reinventions

While circumstances haven’t aligned for Boxerwood yet, we applaud the Rockbridge YMCA for forging a model that works for them. Boxerwood and the Rockbridge Y have been program partners for a long time.