. . . with a little help from our friends

Although education is our focus,our facilities need maintenance to keep us up and running.

We are seeking faithful funders to help with immediate needs this fall.

$4,100 – HVAC mini-split – Our boiler is almost 70 years old, and in danger of failure! Help us secure a dependable heat source for the Lodge this winter.

$1,800 – Arborist – We must attend to large dead limbs hanging high overhead to keep our garden safe and beautiful.

$900 – Gutter installation – new gutters are needed to better direct water flow before the winter rains.

$450 – PlayTrail Pump – the beloved hand pump will soon give out. We need a new pump by spring so our littlest visitors can continue to play in the PlayTrail stream.

If you are donating for a specific need, please indicate the designation in the comments field prior to submitting your donation.

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