Nurtured by Nature: Walk and Talk Series for Spring 2019

Join us for our 3rd season of Walk and Talk workshops! This year’s spring series brings us thoughtful, intentional, creative ways to connect with Nature and be refreshed, inspired, and sustained. Our workshop leaders include some of our very own Boxerwood community members as well as new and returning guest experts.

What is the Walk and Talk Series? It is a Boxerwood program begun last year that offers afternoon workshops geared to adults on a variety of topics. These workshops are interactive in nature – involving conversations, meandering through the garden, and occasional hands-on, experiential practice. Each workshop, and each series, is unique.

The season’s schedule includes the following:

Sunday March 24, 2-4pm: Elise Sheffield – water color painting
Behold and Be/held
Sun April 7, 2-4pm: Joe Murray – spirit and Nature in your garden
Where is Nature?
Sun April 14, 2-4pm: Leah Green – literature/poetry
The Word for World: Poetry, observation & writing
Sun May 5, 2-4pm: Karen Stanley – yoga in the garden
Sun May 19, time TBA: Christine Fang & Ben Eland
Experiencing Nature with Mindfulness

  • Please e-mail ( or call (540-463-2697) to register for a program. Some have limited spots available.
  • Dress appropriately and consider bringing a small portable stool or chair for your comfort. We will start from the Boxerwood Lodge (963 Ross Road) just outside Lexington
  • Parking is free for members of Boxerwood and $5/car for non-members.
  • Programs are free, but suggested free-will donation for each program is $12/person to support care and upkeep of Boxerwood’s gardens.

Our first Workshop of the season:

Title: Behold and Be/held
Presenter/Facilitator: Elise Sheffield

Brief Bio: Long-time Boxerwood educator Elise Sheffield has been an on again/off again painter for most of her life. For the past decade she has channeled most that creativity into designing and facilitating experiences that help people of all ages connect more deeply with the natural world. In this workshop, she’ll be introducing an approach to outdoor painting that Boxerwood has offered to hundreds of school children over the years, and their often harried adults. With an academic background in literature, theology, and science, Elise meanders many pathways for experiencing the world. She retains special affection, however, for the way of knowing beyond words: the path of the brush.

Brief Description: In this completely “not for experts” workshop, we’ll set aside our busy minds to behold nature’s creativity and to welcome our own. First we’ll stroll a bit, awakening our inner eye to the visual delights around us. Then we’ll settle in for some contemplative exploration of what we see and feel using the same “Look See Paint” method so beloved by the children we teach. In essence we supply simple yet professional quality watercolor paints and post-card size, artist-grade paper and invite you to discover where the brush takes you, leaving judgment and perfection behind. The goal is connecting with the world around us and becoming more deeply part of it. This is less a “how to” session than a “why not?” opportunity to rediscover fresh ways of seeing and being. Join us! All materials supplied, limited to 14 people.

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