teacher professional development

Schools are powerful catalysts for cultural change, and that is why Boxerwood works closely with our three local divisions—and with their teachers. Thanks to funding from U.S. NOAA/B-WET, we have been able to offer workshops and even one-on-one coaching for more than 30 science teachers over the past eight years. In partnership with Washington and Lee Teacher Education, we have shared new methods for integrating field-based learning into the classroom, for building student leadership, for planning schoolyard action projects, and more. We’ve also introduced our friends to professional scientists and partners, expanded their knowledge base, provided stipends for special projects, and supported their presentations at conferences. Two of these teachers now serve as the first STEM-specific teachers for Rockbridge County Schools. Others are leading innovation in their classrooms. Together, we are strengthening the impact of environment-based learning in our area, and serving as a model for other communities.