Summer Camp Reinventions

Out of concern for everyone’s well-being, Boxerwood has taken a “better safe than sorry” approach to discerning the extent of our camp season. That precautionary principle led us to conclude it was best to suspend plans for our June day camps. As of this writing, we’re still considering what’s best for two more weeks of camp slated for late July and August. We’ll be making a decision shortly.

While circumstances haven’t aligned for Boxerwood yet, we applaud the Rockbridge YMCA for forging a model that works for them. Boxerwood and the Rockbridge Y have been program partners for a long time. In fact, we had contractual plans for Y campers to occasionally visit Boxerwood this summer. Health guidelines scuttled the ability of Y Summer Camp to come to us, so instead we’re going to the Y.

One morning each week Boxerwood educator Hannah West brings the magic to Central Elementary School, site of the Y camp. Following Y protocols, Hannah provides small-group outdoor mini-adventures related to as varied as fossils, growing things, and water wonders. While we haven’t yet found a way to safely provide our own camps, we’re glad we can help out our partner and share the fun.