stop the slop

What’s the connection between food waste and climate change? It’s all about the methane–generated by landfills, and released to the atmosphere. To better understand that link, Boxerwood recently piloted a new food waste study with two RCHS environmental science teachers and their 100+ students. With enthusiastic support from the school division, the students completed a 3-day waste audit at Maury River MS to gauge 1) the amount of food daily heading to our landfill from a single school, and 2) the individual (consumer) reasons for that waste.

Funded by the Clean Valley Council (CVC), the Boxerwood-created project followed a school-based unit on climate change. Its goal was to link climate change to local realities and to provide baseline information for future actions (stay tuned!). Student teams  shared their findings in professionally printed academic posters. On March 6 all the students travelled to DSLCC to participate in a regional high school environmental summit sponsored by CVC. Photos show students presenting their findings to peers (and Rockbridge Co administrator Spencer Suter, below in brown jacket). Teachers reported great enthusiasm both for the project and the summit-sharing.

Special message

Although we are moving into a period of organizational semi-dormancy, we dedicate ourselves to keeping the garden open as long as we can. We are here for you.

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