Awesome Opossum Reads “Over and Under the Snow”

This winter seems like the winter that wasn’t, 60-degree days and rain instead of snow. But that hasn’t stop Boxerwood’s Environmental Educators Jess Sullivan and Hannah West from going to the Preschools and teaching the kids about where the woodland creatures are this time of year. Along with their friend Awesome Opossum they read the book “Over and Under the Snow” by Kate Messner with art by Christopher Silas Neal. Afterward we play a game matching the animals to their winter habitat. Next we take the students out in their school yard looking for clues that animals have been there. We end the visit with Awesome Opossum giving the kids a hug good-bye. We look forward to seeing all the preschoolers at Boxerwood this spring where they will learn about “Who’s Who in the Pond”.

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