sit upons

We’re Set Upon Making Sit Upons

We’re looking for folks who can help craft simple, old-fashioned scout “sit upons” that we can use in our outdoor programs this fall.  That way each child can safely social distance outside and have a dry bum.  Plus, the sit upons can be easily wiped down and disinfected. And, we are striving to make them from mostly recycled materials!

Do you have time to lend a hand to make a Sit Upon (or two or three)?  Here’s a link to how they are made and materials needed.

We need friends who have time to make seats and those who may be able to help with supplies.

Our Carport is the drop-off & pick-up spot for supplies and finished bags. 

Supplies needed

bird seed, grain, or dog food bags that are sturdy and water resistant, newspaper & plastic grocery bags for stuffing

Our goal is to make 20 sit upons by September 1st.
Thank you for your help!

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