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Nemisis - Bugs/Invasives

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Other Helpful Topics: Container Trees - Pruning/Composting - Mulching - Autumn - Snow Damage - Winter- Tree Root Health (by Founding Garden Steward, Karen "KB" Bailey, except for Tree Root Health - Clara Williams)

Weed Warriors  We are still looking for Garden volunteers, now called Weed Warriors, and would love your help. Contact The first Thursday of the month, we do a big group weed from 2—4pm, and then socialize afterwards with refreshments. Many hands make light work and we have a lot of fun doing it. Please join us!

Chipped Mulch: Chips are available from the upper parking lot. You can help yourselves for free or give us a call (463-2697) Ben can load your pick-up with our tractor for a small $25 fee on mornings that you arrange with him.  Please email and include your telephone number so he can set a time.

Cardboard Boxes: Please consider recycling your large cardboard boxes here at Boxerwood. We use them all the time for weed suppression. You can drop them off anytime in the side entrance of the barn. We are still collecting cardboard, but we only need large boxes. We use them for weed suppression and pizza boxes, shoe boxes, cereal boxes, etc. just don’t work for us.  Thanks!

Some of my favorite tools.  Walking through the garden, I almost always have a bucket of tools with me, or at the very least a pair of pruners in my pocket. A bucket keeps everything in one place and helps prevent me from leaving tools all around the garden. I have a special fondness for kitty liter buckets and old Preen containers. My bucket usually contains a pair of loppers, an old kitchen knife (great for dividing perennials), a by-pass pruner (Felco pruners are the Lexus of pruners, especially useful if you want to impress someone, but I usually use a cheaper pair), a small pruning saw, a couple pairs of gloves (Atlas nitrile gloves are my preferred brand) and my favorite tool, a small left-handed weeder. The handle is about 13” long and the blade is about 5” wide and very sharp. You can see that it is a Japanese tool by the writing on the handle.For all you lefties out there, you’ll appreciate how I feel about a left-handed tool. They are few and far between and when I find one, I buy multiples -- the horticultural supply catalog, A.M. Leonard (, #710HW) has started to carry them.  Incidentally, both Felcro and Bahco pruners are available in a left-handed version.

You’ll also find in my tool bucket a small spray bottle of alcohol solution used to clean my cutting tools between plants.

Gardening Links:

Virginia Tech database - Virginia trees and shrubs
International Society of Arboriculture - Common tree concerns: transplanting, pruning, disease and infestation, etc
Landscape Care Calendar - Monthly tree maintenance tasks
How to Prune Trees - USDA Forest Service
National Gardening Association - online newsletter with seasonal remainders watch tutorials on how to do just about anything : tutorial gardening videos. (blog) (blog) (blog)“plant finder” gives a database of plants and advanced search for plant characteristics. database of plants available from a number of well-known mail order nurseries. American Public Gardens Association Botanical Gardens Directory Yard & Garden Resource Library

Seed Catalogs:
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange - varieties that grow well - mid-Atlantic and southeast
Park Seed - an old reliable seed company with lots of All-American selections
Select Seeds - heirloom flower seeds and some vegetables
John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds - beautiful illustrations
Johnny’s Selected Seeds - for the serious market gardener
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds - includes beautiful illustrations
Seed Savers Ex-change
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