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Fairy Sightings!

Rockbridge area residents have spotted stone circles,

heard tiny footsteps at night, and found missing objects

in strange places--signs that fairies, gnomes, elves, and

other wee folk are moving into the county.  And downtown

merchants complain that mini-Mischief Makers are 

rearranging things in their shops when they aren't looking.

Have you found signs of fairy life where you live?  Post

sightings at #boxerwoodfairies or email a description of

what you spotted and where to:

Check our Facebook page for the latest Fairy Sightings!


FAIRY FOREST DISCOVERY! As Jess Sullivan, our Early Education coordinator, blazed a new trail for the first-grade "Lost in the Woods" program, she made a HUGE discovery: a torii-like arch in front of the clearing where a tiny house and stone circle had been found the week before. Torii -- which means "bird abode" in Japanese -- is the traditional gate found at the entrance to a Shinto shrine, dividing our world from the world of nature spirits. Could this be the portal to the Fairy Forest? And who is the enlightened architect who built it?


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