Boxerwood Nature Center
& Woodland Garden

A Virginia Center For Environmental Education Excellence

Open daily for self tours from Dawn to Dusk 963 Ross Road, Lexington VA


The signs are everywhere:

A tiny tea setting for two in a shady bed of myrtle.

     A gold key, no bigger than a tack, in the knothole of a tree.

            A ring of stones under the brush.

                   And wee cairns--stacks of tiny pebbles--marking a skinny trail

                   into a clearing in the woods, where staff discovered an unusual,

                   Knee-high structure, with a spiral staircase.

Taken together, the signs could only mean one thing:  Boxerwood--home to

frogs, turtles, squirrels, towhees and countless other creatures in the wild--

is now also habitat for a colony of Fairy Folk.

Have you found signs of fairy life where you live?  Post sightings at #boxerwoodfairies or email a description of what you spotted and where to:

 click here for up-to-date Fairy Sightings.

The Fairies need our help caring for the earth.  Please help the Fairies by supporting Boxerwood programs.