Boxerwood Nature Center
& Woodland Garden

Open daily for self tours from Dawn to Dusk 963 Ross Road, Lexington VA

"Moreover, in this time of vast uncertainties, trees and shrubs are a relatively stable commodity; and the garden itself has a clear, bounden role to provide a retreat from the world, from the many and various sensory offenses inflicted upon all of us as concommitants of modern living."  Robert and Elizabeth Munger, 1977.



Boxerwood is a Nature Center and Woodland Garden located just outside Lexington, Virginia dedicated to educating and inspiring people of all ages to become successful stewards of the Earth.



Upcoming Events

Bird Seed Sale to Benefit Boxerwood


Saturday January 24, 2015


Meet with Boxerwood's Horticulturist Faith Vosburgh for a Winter Tree Walk

The walk is free and open to the public

Meet at Boxerwood's Munger Lodge

Boxerwood to announce a “Flash!” Snow Day


“Put on your mittens and come play at Boxerwood!” That’s the message nature center staff plan to spread on social media after the region’s first big snowfall. Their aim is to encourage more kids and families to brave the cold and experience the fun and exhilaration of playing together outdoors in winter.

 A “FLASH! Boxerwood Snow Day!” will be posted on Facebook, Twitter, and the Boxerwood webpage ( the morning of a spontaneously-scheduled Snow Day. Member families will receive an email and the nature center will record a message for callers on voicemail (463-2697). Note that the Boxerwood event will not necessarily take place during weather-related school closings, when driving may be hazardous, but may take place after school on the following day.

 During the Boxerwood Snow Day, kids of all ages are welcome to go sledding in the field (bring your own sleds and saucers), make snow people and animals, build igloos and forts and castles, and have friendly snowball fights. Although staff will be on hand to monitor activities, all children without exception must be accompanied by an adult responsible for their safety and behavior.

 So stay tuned…. After the first big snow, when roads have been cleared, check your favorite social media or call the nature center to find out and help spread the word about a Boxerwood Snow Day!

Check here for future events including our Music in the Garden Programs.




Event Dates For Spring and Summer

Music In The Garden

Come to the Field at Boxerwood to enjoy an evening picnic and listen to local musicians perform.  These Friday evenings are free and open to the general public.  More details will become available as the even times approach.

April 24

May 15 and 26

June 12 and 26

July 10 and 24

August 14 and 28

September 11